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What We Offer

Luna House offers a new understanding of women’s natural design and how we can enhance our daily life by attuning to the rhythms and changes of our Menstrual Cycles and Menopause.  This unique and original approach is called Conscious Menstruality.  It is important knowledge for women, their partners and families, and all who work with them in professional, academic and caring capacities.

Luna House presentations are highly adaptable, and can be tailored to suit the needs of any group or individual.  Talks, seminars, courses and workshops can be designed for special-interest groups, workplace or professional training, health sector agencies or special occasions.  Luna House can travel to any location or venue to offer presentations.  Requests and suggestions are always welcome, and will be carefully considered.

Luna House teachings are applicable to women of all ages and lifestages. They are also suitable for women who have experienced lifecycle interruptions such as hysterectomy, early menopause, chemotherapy or sexual abuse.  All women and girls, regardless of their circumstances, are entitled to, and can benefit from, this knowledge.


For Women



Foundation Courses

offering new, in-depth and transformational understandings of each feminine lifestage.  These are run as 8 week courses in Christchurch, or as day or weekend workshops by request or in other centres.

  1. The Whole of the Moon:  Illuminating Your Menstrual Cycle
  2. The Alchemy of Menopause


Further Courses, Workshops and Events

  1. In the Fullness of Time:  Living the Deep Feminine in Mature Life
  2. Sacred Sexuality:  Opening to our Sexuality in the context of Conscious Menstruality
  3. Seasonal Celebrations and special occasions in relation to Conscious Menstruality
  4. Support Ceremonies for women facing disruptions to their Menstruality through medical or surgical interventions, early Menopause, etc
  5. “Graduate” workshops for women who have completed a foundation course.  These deepen specific aspects of our Conscious Menstruality understanding and practice


For Mothers and Carers of Girls

Support for mothers, teachers, social workers, aunties, step-mothers, and all who care for girls approaching or experiencing Menarche.  This can be presented as a day workshop or ongoing course, as required.

  1. What Shall I Tell my Daughter? 


For Men

Are you sometimes baffled or distressed by the monthly or midlife changes your partner or daughter goes through?  Luna House offers you support and knowledge that can shed new light on those mysteries.

  1. Light in the Labyrinth:  A Workshop for Men who Love Women 


For Couples

To ensure that our relationships and family life are enhanced rather than adversely affected by the hormonal ups and downs of Menstruality:

  1. Light in the Labyrinth:  A Workshop for Women and the Men who Love Them 


For Professionals

To maximise our enjoyment and effectiveness in working with our women clientelle:

Talks, seminars, workshops and training courses for agencies and professional groups involved in the care and understanding of girls and women, e.g. health professionals, counsellors and therapists, teachers, social workers, youth workers, social service workers, midwives, mothers groups, etc.  Luna House can also provide presentations for clientelle of education and support agencies for women and girls.


For Everyone

  1. Individual Support or Therapy Consultations
  2. Professional supervision for those working in health, therapeutic, social, community or welfare agencies
  3. Personal support, care and therapeutic attention for specific issues around Menstruality or Feminine Life
  4. Assistance with Ceremonies and Celebrations for special occasions or transitions in life


        Come to See Yourself In A Whole New Light


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