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What Do Participants Say About Luna House?


Comments from Women

  • I feel like this knowledge is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received.
  • This wonderful course that you offer is something to be shared… please accept this as my voice joining the many others across the centuries in saying this message must be heard in every way possible.
  • Since Sunday, I am another woman ! I feel it so deeply. Even in my relationship with my husband. Wouaouh !
  • I have a whole new reference point and perspective on my life now… it’s hard to convey the enormous world it has opened up to me and others
  • I learnt about aspects I had no idea about
  • The course has been life-changing.  I have eagerly been applying new-found knowledge and tools throughout my cycle and have been amazed at how awareness and understanding can sprout light and magic in an area that was dark and painful.
  • I recommend this workshop for sooooo MANY reasons, but mostly for the chance to re-connect with truth and realness and Love.
  • Merci Beaucoup.  There has been so much awareness created for me from this knowledge you have shared and I will carry this with me and apply in my life.  I know it will be challenging at times.  Your workshop is engaging throughout, thought provoking and a very nurturing space.
  • All women should have this wonderful knowledge
  • This course has turned my experience of Menopause around – I now see the value and gift of all aspects instead of… “dreading all the symptoms”
  • I am blown away by the depth of knowledge of the content
  • Fantastic and perfect.  Insightful and amazing.  Empowering and beautiful.


Comments from Men

  • The material was fascinating and equally so the contribution from the other men.  A day very well spent.
  • the workshop has deepened my awareness and helped me accept more fully the nature of women's experience.
  • This gift continues to blossom for me.  It has changed and continues to positively influence how I perceive, view and relate to females.
  • I would pay twice as much if not more for this day workshop now appreciating the gift it is.


A Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern
If you are wondering about the Luna House Menstruality Courses and not sure what it is about or how it may benefit you – I can tell you that I felt the same way.  I enrolled anyway – for the “The Whole of the Moon:  Illuminating Your Menstrual Cycle” – and will be forever grateful that I did.

Jane Catherine’s wonderful, loving presence was reassuring and she invited us all into her care for the duration of the course.  She made herself available to us to discuss anything regarding our experience of the course during the 8 weeks.  She catered the course to our individual needs and ensured that each person was feeling comfortable and supported.
The information given is truly life changing – as clichéd as that may sound.  My relationship to my Feminine self is forever changed – and I didn't even know that I was missing this relationship!  The focus I now pay to my cycle, and to the cycles present in our world, is one of respect and awe.
This really is ancient knowledge that we all carry, we have just forgotten that we do.  And though it is ancient it is so valid for our lives today.
I highly recommend Jane Catherine, and her Luna House Menstruality courses.  I know that you will gain a lot from being a part of one.
Lorna Webb


Participant Feedback on Luna House Workshops

  • The Luna House workshop was absolutely awesome and profound for me.  Jane’s facilitation was clear and inspiring – I will gladly tell my friends and clients about any future courses she offers.
  • Such a wonderful day and such important work.  One of the best things I have ever attended. 
  • I would feel so gutted if I didn’t find out and have the opportunity to learn this vital knowledge about such an intimate part of me.
  • This was such an incredible and scrumptious workshop.  Such strengthening, self-possessing knowledge to reclaim.  Please, please ensure you run this course again so other women can benefit as much as I have.  It was amazing
  • I have learnt so much, there is so much sacred and mysterious knowledge that I am going to try to observe within my cycles 
  • …the most enriching, enlightening workshop I have ever attended, and I can’t imagine not having known this stuff before…
  • Incredible topic and so delicately and sensitively presented.
  • Extensive and depth of information and experience offered, Wow, Magnificent!
  • I am just deeply moved by the depth of knowledge, information, experiences, and how much soaked into me…  Wow – thankyou.  Life changing – Life Giving! 
  • … All the wonderful information that resonates with my soul.
  • … learning this in a safe, small group allowing emotional expression.  It was fantastic, and I had no idea of this concept previously.  It gives us such a valuable gift to lead our lives.
  • To hear the truth spoken and feel it in my heart and soul – total resonance.  To know that YES this is real and this feeling is OK and to be given the tools to work with those sometimes uncomfortable feelings is magical – I feel so liberated and all powerful in my femininity.
  • The content was so apt, relevant, enlightening, just beautiful!
  • The knowledge you have shared with us has exceeded any expectation that I had.  I found all of the content useful, enjoyable and positive.  So much wonderful information to work with and share with my daughters.
  • Life changing.  An incredible opportunity to view my menstruality in a completely different light.  I feel so much more prepared for passing on positive  holistic views on menstruality to my girls.
  • I think you and your philosophies are shining lights for positive change regarding menstruality and being conscious within this.  I feel I have something wholistic to work with myself now, and something wholistic to tell my daughters when guiding them through their journeys.
  • A MUCH deeper understanding of how my individual feminine resonates with the cosmic feminine.
  • Let us grow this wisdom more and more.  Your work is truly inspirational.


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