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The Whole of the Moon:
Illuminating Your Menstrual Cycle


Would You Like

  • a new understanding of female hormones and why they act as they do
  • a clear model that makes sense of our changeability, emotions and physical experiences around the month
  • some tools and methods to minimise difficulties and help us align our daily life to our cycle energies
  • an exploration of our cycle's special resonance with nature
  • an invitation to experience the spiritual and developmental dimensions of living our Menstrual cycle consciously


This workshop will offer women a new, indepth body of knowledge about their whole Menstrual Cycle, every day of the month.  It will offer:

  • A new understanding of our female hormones and why they act in the ways they do
  • A clear model that helps us know that we are perfectly designed to make sense  exactly as we are, with all our changeability, moods, emotions and physical experiences around the month
  • Some tools and methods that help us align our daily life to our cycle energies, so that we can use our monthly variations to best advantage, and also minimise struggles and difficulties
  • An exploration of our very special resonance with Nature, because of our cycle
    An invitation to experience the deep Spiritual and Developmental dimensions of our feminine nature through living our Menstrual Cycle consciously

The workshop will go far beyond the medical/reproductive meaning we are familiar with, and give participants a whole new perspective on being Woman.  The Luna House approach is a unique and original body of knowledge, not elsewhere available.  There is much more to our Menstrual Cycles than we have ever been told, and we need and deserve to get our knowledge back! 


Comments from past participants

“I have a whole new reference point and perspective on my life now… it’s hard to convey the enormous world it has opened up to me and others.”
“This course has been life-changing.  I have eagerly been applying new-found knowledge and tools throughout my cycle and have been amazed at how awareness and understanding can sprout light and magic in an area that was dark and painful.”
“All women should have this wonderful knowledge.”
“I am blown away by the depth of knowledge of the content.”
“Fantastic and Perfect.  Insightful and Amazing.  Empowering and Beautiful.”


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