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For Mothers and Carers of Girls

As girls approach their Menarche (first period) mothers naturally wish to provide them with the best possible support and preparation for this tender transition.  Luna House does not offer its own instruction courses or celebrations for girls, preferring to empower mothers to claim this as their own special right and role.

Mothers/caregivers who are fully informed and supported themselves can confidently and consciously embrace their own Menstruality and their daughter's.  Luna House believes it is vital that Menarche information given to girls is not isolated into one event or class. Menstruality knowledge is too big and too subtle to be digested all at once.  Girls deserve to learn it in a gradual, grounded, day-to-day way, without pressure or nervousness.  The lived example of a Menstruality-aware mother or mother-figure in their own home is the very best teacher.  It takes time and experience to absorb the meanings of the whole cycle-month, not just menstruation.

Luna House is happy to work alongside (but not instead of) mothers/carers to offer or co-create additional Menarche classes and celebrations, so that women and girls can come together to acknowledge our Menstruality in special ways. (The following workshop is a pre-requisite).

Workshop for Mothers of Daughters

Luna House Presents
A Very Special Workshop
Mothers and Carers of Girls
What Shall I Tell My Daughter?

Many of us were not given good information about Menstrual Cycles and Feminine Sexuality
when we began, and want to provide our daughters with a much better preparation than we had...

  •      Do you care deeply about your daughter’s transition to womanhood?
  •      Are you wondering what’s the best way to prepare her for Menarche?
  •      Would you like to feel more confident and supported in this sensitive task?
  •      Do you feel there’s a lack of meaningful knowledge to pass on to her?

Join with other mothers, aunties, godmothers, stepmothers, big sisters, teachers
social workers, neighbours, friends, school counsellors, youth workers, health professionals…
all those who love, care for and guide girls

to enjoy
Discussion     Sharing   Learning   Support   Inspiration
on this special and sensitive subject

                            Provided By:  Jane Catherine Severn
                                   Psychotherapist / PaschaTherapist / Menstruality Educator
                            Talks, Workshops, Seminars and Courses, tailored to your needs,
                                                                    Available Nationwide

Jane Catherine is Therapist and Menstruality Educator based in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand).  Since 1999 she has been writing, teaching and therapeutically supporting women to understand the true nature and purpose of their Menstruality from a holistic, natural, spiritual and developmental perspective.  In 2005 she created Luna House as a specialty service to support women at all stages of life.










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