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Consultations with Jane Catherine Severn, Therapist and Supervisor

Prior to my training as a therapist, I gained extensive experience working in a variety of community and social service agencies.  I qualified first as a Counsellor (1991), then undertook a further 4 year training to become a Psychotherapist, graduating in 1999.  A few years later, strongly attracted to the holistic, intuitive and spiritually-focussed approach of Pascha Therapy, I completed the 4 year course to become an Accredited Pascha Therapist (2006).  I now embrace this as my major modality.

As a Pascha Therapist I offer a therapeutic process that is respectful, gentle and supportive, yet also powerful and deeply transformational. It is my belief that every person has a sacred purpose for their life, and a deep desire to achieve its fulfillment. For me it is a joy and a privilege to assist, as each step in healing, no matter how difficult, reveals beautiful aspects of self and the radiance within.  

My approach as a Pascha Therapist, as well as in my work at Luna House, is guided by my faith in the Laws of Nature, and their Divine origin.  This tells me that as human beings created in that same design, all aspects of us (no matter how troublesome they may seem) make sense and have purpose.  Acceptance and understanding reveals that purpose, allowing an ever-deepening trust of ourselves that takes much of the struggle out of life.  As we receive respect, care and patience in a therapeutic setting, we learn to cultivate these healing qualities in our relationship with ourself and with others.

What is Pascha Therapy?

Pascha Therapy is a new way of healing and transforming your life through understanding your feelings and knowing how to respond to them.  Simple and gentle in its approach, yet profound and empowering in its effect, Pascha Therapy offers support that can help you to trust all that you feel, both emotionally and intuitively.  Trust allows us to open more deeply to answers that may be beyond the reach of our mind alone.  In learning to be guided by our heart’s messages and our soul’s intuition we can ensure that our deepest needs and spiritual intentions are included in the steps we take.

Many people these days are seeking a more heart-centred and spiritually inclusive approach to therapy and life.  Pascha Therapy can assist and support you in new ways with any issue, question or difficulty you may encounter.  Alternatively, it can simply offer you a deeply nourishing, soul-focussed way of knowing, being and expressing YourSelf in everyday life. 

For more information on this new and unique therapy, and its creator and teacher, Yasmeen Clark, visit or                                            


In addition to my specialty work for women, I have 30 years’ experience in working with people facing a range of issues, including depression, grief and loss, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, self-esteem, confidence, emotional and spiritual issues, mid-life crises, addictions, sex and sexuality issues, relationship issues, employment, training and life-direction, and many others.

  • My practice is located in Central Christchurch
  • Funding Assistance may be available for those on limited incomes, for sexual-abuse therapy, or for earthquake-related issues
  • Enquiries are welcome.  Phone (03) 332 5755 or email to discuss your requirements
  • A short, no-cost meeting may be offered to allow you to make a careful choice of therapist before engaging.


I offer Professional Supervision to qualified or trainee Counsellors, Therapists, Health and related Practitioners, Community Agency workers, Social Service agency staff, or anyone seeking support in their work capacity. 

I enjoy my role as a supervisor immensely, and consider it a privilege to engage with people whose career choices dedicate them in any way to the healing and support of humanity.  For me the paramount purpose of supervision is to support the supervisee.  Care and attention will be given not only to the work you are doing, but also to yourself as you do it.  You will be invited to develop as fully as possible in your personal and professional capacities, with awareness of the balance that brings mutual enhancement between them.  As well as exploring challenges and new learnings encountered in practice with clients, we acknowledge and celebrate successes, insights, beauty, passion and sacredness in the work.

Enquiries are always welcome.  Phone (03) 332 5755 to discuss your requirements, or email me.  I am happy to offer an initial meeting, free of cost, so that potential supervisees can make an informed choice about working with me.   



  • Diploma in Counselling, Christchurch College of Natural Medicine, 1991
  • Certificate of Safety and Competence at the Interface of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,  Gestalt Institute of NZ, 1998
  • Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Institute of NZ, 1999
  • Accreditation as an Intuitive/Pascha Therapist, 2006

In addition to my formal qualifications,  30 years’ study of Menstruality enables me to offer unique and in-depth support to women in their experiences of any aspect of Menstrual Cycles or Menopause, or life- issues related to them.

Membership of Professional Associations

New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

New Zealand Association of Intuitive/Pascha Therapists

I am also a Registered Psychotherapist with the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa/New Zealand




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