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About Jane Catherine

Jane Catherine Severn is the founder and facilitator of Luna House.    She is a practising therapist, writer and Menstruality Educator, inspired by poetry, music and the wild outdoors.  Based in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand), she travels frequently in the course of her work. 

As a young woman Jane Catherine was deeply unimpressed with the inconvenience and discomforts of menstruation.  Then, at age 25, the accidental discovery that women's monthly cycles matched the moon's filled her with excitement and set her on a quest that would become lifelong.  Amazed at the transformation this one fragment of knowledge brought to her own feelings about being female, she sensed the presence of a much larger revelation that could give all girls and women a new view of themselves and their place in the world.

Realising that the knowledge she sought was not available from mainstream sources, Jane Catherine became a therapist with a speciality in working with women.  25 years of studying women's lives from this intimate perspective, along with close attention to her own Menstrual Cycles and Menopause and those of her many women friends - revealed to her the hidden picture she was looking for.  These observations, combined with her deep respect for the ways of Nature and an absolute faith in the integrity of the female design, gave birth to the intricate and comprehensive body of knowledge she calls "Conscious Menstruality".

Jane Catherine’s professional training includes a Diploma in Counselling (1991), a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy (1999), and Accreditation as an Intuitive/Pascha Therapist (2006).  She maintains a private practice offering therapy and supervision to the general public.  Alongside her workshops and courses at Luna House she also offers individual consultations to those wanting personalised support for issues relating in any way to their (or their partners’ or daughters’) Menstruality. 

Jane Catherine has a deep belief in the sacredness of Nature, of Life, and of every unique human path, no matter its shape or direction.  Her approach is gentle yet empowering, and will always invite inclusion of your innermost feelings, your intuition and your personal spirituality.


Jane Catherine is also the author of 4 small books:

These four volumes of prose poetry, excerpts from the writer's journals, celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, the profound in the simple, the Universal in the personal, and the spiritual in the mundane.  Simple and contemplative in style, they awaken in readers a poignant recognition of what our own souls already know, and put into words what is sensed but almost unspeakable.  They draw their inspiration from the marvels of Nature and the presence of Heaven on Earth, right in our own neighbourhoods.  They are available to purchase from Luna House.


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